Date 08 Aug 2017
    “Our love for each other is sort of indescribable.  I know that’s not very helpful (laughs) but  it’s the kind of love that makes you wanna flirt in class and gets you separated by the teacher.  The kind of love that brings you back together after not seeing each other…


    Date 30 Jul 2017
    Last week while doing my weekly online process, scrolling down my feed on Instagram I came across a flyer that announced a local creative event hosted by @third.pupil at one of the raddest stores ever; Buffalo Exchange here in Charlotte, NC In a split second I knew I wanted to go! An…


    Date 12 Jul 2017
    Once again, Charlotte has done it!  A group of creatives getting together with the sole purpose of creating, networking and supporting each other and our passions.  @Third.Pupil was the organizer of this cool meet-up, which started in a very retro looking place and traveled to the uptown feels of the small…

  4. Buffalo Exchange Art Show

    Date 07 Jul 2017
    On the night of September 18th, 2016 I had the pleasure of attending and having my work shown in the walls of Buffalo Exchange in Charlotte, North Carolina. I say this with such intensity because for me it was a very exciting and creative night. My daughter and husband attended…


    Date 05 May 2017
    yel·low * of the color between green and orange in the spectrum, a primary subtractive color complementary to blue; colored like ripe lemons or egg yolks. Sabrina Suarez photographed by me.  Portrait shown at the Risvegliare; Revival of the Arts Art Show / May 2017.

  6. Self Discovery

    Date 06 Jan 2017
    I chose a long time ago not to write blogs for my work or even personal life, guess a part of me shied away and just closed up a bit but for the past couple of months there’s been a hesitant burst of inspiration to share in words what Photography is…

  7. Behind The Scenes / Cynical Fashion Magazine

    Date 06 Jun 2016
    I am in love with this “MERMAID” story I shot for Cynical Fashion Magazine. The model Palette Suicide was very exciting to shoot. We shot this in a day in Queens, New York both in studio and on location.  This was the second time I shot with a Suicide

  8. “Dark Beauty” / Behind The Scenes

    Date 10 Nov 2014
    This shoot was one of the most creative funnest experiences I’ve ever had!  Check out the video in the bottom of the page.  Featured on The Chive I found Marron on Model Mayhem and we had spoken about doing a creative shoot together for a while. She is absolutely beautiful and…


    Date 18 May 2014
    REBELLIOUS BY DAISY FASHION LOOK BOOK | LADEDA MAGAZINE    LOOK ONE LOOK TWO  LOOK THREE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Model: Hunter Hall Agency: Evolution Model Management Hair & Makeup: Annette Braegas Wadrobe / Clothing Designer: Daisy Francis Published on Ladeda Magazine -  Photography & Retouching: Mariela Feliz Fernandez BEHIND THE SCENES BELOW: 


    Date 10 Jun 2010
    LSD Look Book  @ Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Wardrobe Stylist & Designer: Brenda Nicodemo  Photographed by Mariela Feliz Fernandez

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